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This free tool can convert Nikon raw (NEF) image files to common formats
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NEF is the file format for raw image files created by various models of Nikon cameras. As most other raw photo formats, NEF also allows the inclusion of metadata into the image and it can store a lot of photo details, offering a high quality of the picture, but it also comes with the major disadvantage that many graphic viewing, editing and management tools don’t support this format. To solve this issue, converting the NEF images to more common image file formats is the simplest solution. This is also exactly what the NEF to JPG application does. NEF to JPG converts NEF raw images not only to JPG files, as its title might make you think, but also to BMP, GIF, PNG, or TIFF image files.

A remarkable advantage of this simple little converter is the fact that it also allows previewing the selected NEF files. Therefore it can also be used as a very basic NEF viewer if needed. Anyway, there are no additional options, neither regarding the viewing of the NEF images (no zooming, rotating, or other possibilities), nor regarding the actual conversion (selecting different quality levels for the output files is not supported).

NEF to JPG is a very small, simple, lightweight and neat tool. Since it’s also free, it represents a good solution for whenever you need to quickly convert NEF raw images to other formats.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very small, neat, and lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Free
  • Allows viewing NEF files


  • Doesn't support any additional options
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